Friday, March 27, 2015
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  • Hatteras Wave Jam
    Hatteras Wave Jam If Wavehog Films Chicago and the
    American Windsurfing Tour had a baby...
    Movie 14 - A Brief History of the Wave Jam
  • Lake Michigan's Halloween
    Lake Michigan's Halloween Due to gnarliness viewer discretion is ADVISED.
  • Creve Coeur
    Creve Coeur Windsurfing's gateway to The West
    A Bob Mechtly video. SHOW ME
  • OPERATION: Drop In
    OPERATION: Drop In Windsurfing Lake Carlyle's BOAT RAMP
  • 70 Launches!
    70 Launches! 19 lakes, 4 states, and counting...
    Launch menu with TELEPORTATION
  •  Texas Vacation!
    Texas Vacation! Movie 13 from Wavehog Films
    More Breakfast Tacos
  • The Calumet Wall
    The Calumet Wall Feel the need. The need for speed!
    photos by richipera GET YOUR FIX
  • Montrose Beach
    Montrose Beach Chicago's very own. TUNE IN
  • Meanwhile in Izmir
    Meanwhile in Izmir St. Louis to Izmir. Take the tour.
    A chadonline film. WATCH MOVIE
  • Lake Michigan
    Lake Michigan ...but, Master Yoda, I'm not afraid. - Luke
    You will be...You...will be... - Yoda
  • Baja Mexico
    Baja Mexico Windsurfing and adventure in Baja Mexico.
    A Chris Mihill film. WATCH MOVIE
  • Home Break Raiders
    Home Break Raiders Recon and lookout assistance provided
    by the SCOUT PLANE
  • Chicago Windsurfers
    Chicago Windsurfers See all the new Group Forums
  • Wolf Lake
    Wolf Lake Windsurfing through the lens of
    Ella Geen. SEE PHOTOS
  • AREA 32
    AREA 32 Clinton's Area 32 : "That was a UFO beaming
    back at ya" -Jack Nicholson, Easy Rider. VIEW

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Landboard Windsurfing - Creve Coeur lake Feb 8 2015
It's also a great tool for improving fundamental sail skills.
Landboard Windsurfing - Creve Coeur lake Feb 8 2015
Cool video, Bob. The tires on that board look like they would allow more pavement quality options. Like the mast base set-up too. Looks like great therapy when jonesin'
Windsurfing Movie 14 - A Brief History of the Wave Jam
I appreciate it, Brian : ) You know what they say about a film never being done...I found some issues with it that bugged me so I'm re-uploading it. But, after this, I'm prepared to "abandon" it.

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