Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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  • Island of Bonaire
    Island of Bonaire Windsurfing Lac Bay, Bonaire
    and other DISCOVERIES
  • Reef-er Madness!
    Reef-er Madness! Windsurfing at Sherkston Shores
    on Lake Erie's REEF
  • Lake Geneva!
    Lake Geneva! Windsurfing Lake Geneva, WI.
    Rider: Ben Johnston FREESTYLE
  • Tropical Paradise
    Tropical Paradise August windsurfing at Michigan's OVAL BEACH
  • 30 Year Anniversary
    30 Year Anniversary Chicago: The Windsurf City. FLASHBACK 1985
  • Maui in April
    Maui in April Partly cloudy chance of Double Fowards.
    photos by Garry Zack. LET IT "REIGN"
  • Lake Michigan's Halloween
    Lake Michigan's Halloween Due to gnarliness viewer discretion is ADVISED
  • Creve Coeur
    Creve Coeur Windsurfing's gateway to The West
    A Bob Mechtly video. SHOW ME
  • OPERATION: Drop In
    OPERATION: Drop In Windsurfing Lake Carlyle's BOAT RAMP
  • 70 Launches!
    70 Launches! 19 lakes, 4 states, and counting...
    Launch menu with TELEPORTATION
  • The Wall
    The Wall Feel the need. The need for speed!
    photos by richipera GET YOUR FIX
  • Montrose Beach
    Montrose Beach Chicago's very own. TUNE IN
  • Industrial Windsurfing
    Industrial Windsurfing Authorized Personnel Only
  • Baja Mexico
    Baja Mexico Windsurfing and adventure in Baja Mexico.
    A Chris Mihill film. WATCH MOVIE
  • Wolf Lake
    Wolf Lake Windsurfing through the lens of
    Ella Geen. SEE PHOTOS
  • AREA 32
    AREA 32 Clinton's Area 32 : "That was a UFO beaming
    back at ya" -Jack Nicholson, Easy Rider. VIEW
  • Lake Carlyle
    Lake Carlyle A windsurfing vacation in itself. SEE PHOTOS

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Windsurfing Bonaire Lac Bay, Jan. 2017
Ady, Chris, thanks :) To answer your question, yes I used a GoPro Hero 4 Silver for all the shots, including on-land. Now, the new GoPro Hero 5 has a few great features that I wish I had: video stabilizaIization, wind noise reduction and voice control - all very useful for what we do on the water. The Hero 4 Silver delivers nice usable clips at 1080p (HD) resolution @ 60 fps. It can go 4K but the frame rate is then much lower and slow-mo during editing is no longer an option! I use aluminum floating selfy stick for on-land and underwater shots so it's easy to hold on to. I also use a Flymount for all the on-the-sail shots. See here: http://flymount.com/flymount-original/ This mount is a bit expensive but it is very versatile and will attach very securely anywhere on the mast and boom. There are less expensive options I haven't tried (quick clamp, like what you would find in a hardware store). The clamp is probably easier to move around on the fly but is probably less secure. I also used a Garth helmet with a GoPro mount. The mount comes with a stainless steel hardware (screw and blind nut) that effectively secure the mount to the helmet so you don't only rely on the adhesive of the mount to keep the camera from flying in the water! I haven't yet lost the camera while sailing but according to users online, the weak point seems to be the housing mounting plastic tabs that can break pretty easily. The issue is that the housing has no feature where you can attach a leach to prevent the camera from taking a trip in the water if the tabs break-off. If you see it happen and the camera has a floaty, great! If it break and falls off and you don't notice it right away, good luck to find it even if it's floating on the surface! I haven't tried other action cameras out there. I bet there are some good ones, but the GoPro Hero 5 can shoot super HighDef at high frame rates and seems to excel pretty much in all features and benefits. I'm very tempted to get one of these and sell my Hero 4 Silver... Looking forward to watch your upcoming Vids, Chris! Cheers
Windsurfing Bonaire Lac Bay, Jan. 2017
That's a great vid, Greg, and great choice of music, too! Greg, wondering if you can say a little about the camera you used to film this. I'm assuming it was a GoPro? If so, did you shoot all the shots with it (including the on-land ones)? What model are you using, and how does it compare to other models in the same line? I'm in the market for a water-proof camera. Thanks.

Latest Activity

  • Chris replied to the topic 'Speed Seat' in the forum.
    Please bring it next time you come down, perhaps Friday. Thanks!
    5 minutes ago
  • Gregory replied to the topic 'Suiting up for the occasion' in the forum.
    Agree! The ION protector saved my AtomIQ a few times already. In Bonaire all the boards at The Windsurf Place had the exact same nose foam...
    4 hours 28 minutes ago
  • Ady replied to the topic 'Speed Seat' in the forum.
    I have a DaKine XT hybrid that I don't need anymore -50$
    6 hours 37 minutes ago
  • Reid Fillman replied to the topic 'was windy today - missed it.' in the forum.
    Pretty big difference between Bloomington and Decatur today. Bloomington was getting the best of it. And dealing with 74 degree air on cold...
    6 hours 51 minutes ago
  • Chris replied to the topic 'was windy today - missed it.' in the forum.
    SailFlow wasn't showing wind for today, it had down south western Illinois forecasted over 20 but we were in the green all day. Anyway,...
    7 hours 40 minutes ago
  • Chris created a new topic ' Speed Seat' in the forum.
    I'm still looking for a speed seat harness. I had asked about one previously and someone said they had one to trade for some beer but I...
    7 hours 47 minutes ago
  • Ady replied to the topic 'Suiting up for the occasion' in the forum.
    Just to warn you in advance Greg, the RDM protector also has some up and down play, but I hope it fits better then the SDM and for me...
    8 hours 51 minutes ago
  • Ady replied to the topic 'was windy today - missed it.' in the forum.
    It has been in the forcast Chris, SSE. I've been aware, but I had car issues. We will have some SW in Wed also up here, but I'll have to...
    9 hours 6 minutes ago
  • Gregory replied to the topic 'Suiting up for the occasion' in the forum.
    Brian has the ION mast/board protector! Just ordered one. Ady, Thanks for the info.
    9 hours 34 minutes ago
  • Chris created a new topic ' was windy today - missed it.' in the forum.
    Was stuck at work while it was gusting over 30 today, sucked! None of the forecasts were calling for wind. Hope they do a better job this...
    10 hours 26 minutes ago
  • Stefan Hamran replied to the topic 'Buying local or buying out-of-state?' in the forum.
    I can second what's written here about Kevin or Ben (if he still works there) Really nice guys. Also, Fond du Lac is a great place to sail....
    22 hours 29 minutes ago
  • Del Carpenter replied to the topic 'Buying local or buying out-of-state?' in the forum.
    I live in Cedar Falls, Iowa. We don't have any dealers in Iowa. I could buy from The House in St. Paul MN, or Isthmus in Madison WI or...