Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Members with State : Illinois

  • bob castro

    bob castro

    2 Friends
  • matthieu


    5 Friends
  • Andrew Pierson

    Andrew Pierson

    3 Friends
  • Mark Bancroft DDS

    Mark Bancroft DDS

    Just loaded the car for the trip out to Shabbona for the afternoon. not enough time to get to LM before the Labor day bash tonight. I suspect I'll see some of the Shabbona crew out there.
    1 Friend


    My son Sawyer and I got out to the marina at Clinton yesterday. Sailed across the lake and back before the wind died. His friend Nate came out and gave it the college try. Did some SUP on my old longboard. Water was warmer than the air.
    8 Friends
  • Jeff Bailey

    Jeff Bailey

    Looks like it will be a good day tomorrow. I would like to go to Montrose Beach but Wolf Lake may be safer for a beginner with the 20 MPH SW winds. I never been to Wolf Lake but I seem to handle myself just find at Montrose with 15 MPH SW winds. What do you guys think?
    3 Friends
  • Tony Hicks

    Tony Hicks

    0 Friends
  • glen erickson

    glen erickson

    2 Friends
  • James Jaeschke

    James Jaeschke

    Got a good session in at montrose on a 4.7 this morning
    1 Friend
  • Casey Hermann

    Casey Hermann

    Sesh in front of Downtown Peoria Monday afternoon. As long as I get my new Universal Joint coming Fedex from "Isthmus" in Madison.
    1 Friend
  • steve


    3 Friends
  • richipera


    2015 World Ice & Snow Sailing Championships - Feb. 9th – 14th
    2015 Sturgeon Stampede - Feb. 12th – 15th
    on Frozen Lake Winnebago in Fond du Lac, WI…
    6 Friends
  • Nickum


    1 Friend
  • Bartosz Furman

    Bartosz Furman

    1 Friend
  • Art


    0 Friends
  • bob massa

    bob massa

    0 Friends
  • rich jardine

    rich jardine

    I ran across this neat interactive Wind Map. Click on the map and it will drill down.…
    1 Friend
  • Gary


    Any wind/wave reports from anyone on the water? Thinking about Montrose beach with my small board.
    0 Friends
  • Joe Bohn

    Joe Bohn

    0 Friends
  • Manuel


    going to 63rd now.
    3 Friends