Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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TOPIC: Quatro boards?

Quatro boards? 9 months 2 days ago #1

Anyone have any comment on the build quality of 2015+ Quatro boards?
I tend to keep my boards a long time (mainly because of $$$) so I'm always looking for something that will survive. Hard to believe my newest board is a 2004!

The Quatro boards have a US box for the center fin. These are certainly less strong than Power or Tuttle boxes, but they do give you some adjustment room, and this would be a bump/jump/wave board so I wouldn't be putting a very big fin on it anyway.

thanks :-)

Quatro boards? 9 months 2 days ago #2

You have to realize that pretty much every board of every brand is made at the Cobra factory in Thailand. So a Quattro from 2015 probably has the same build quality as a Fanatic from 2015.

Quatro boards? 9 months 2 days ago #3

  • Ady
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I haven't heard about a general build quality issues of any brand for a long time. This doesn't mean that lemons dont come out of the factory. They do and it is the way the company handles the issues that really matters and this where there might be differences between the brands-some having a better or worse customer service then others. Customer service quality is worth exploring before committing and unfortunately I don't have any intel on Quatro, hell I don't even remember seeing any of their boards in our neck of the woods.
Is it a multi fin? It better is a tri fin, its so much more fun in waves.

Quatro boards? 9 months 1 day ago #4

Hey Andrew, I have a Quarto Freestyle wave 95lt. It has been my main board for about 8 years now. It has held up great. I have only had to repair it once when me and a buddy ran into each at full speed at the point. He went to e.r. for 80 plus stitches and a mistral flow cut clean in half for a souvenir. My quarto survived with a deep gash that exposed its construction. From the injured area it looked like high density foam, devinacell, kevlar, carbon, and epoxy. I'm not sure if they use stringers, but i would ask. The two boards that i have broken in half ( JP, and AHD) did not have stringers. Great 5.0 day at the little sable yesterday. Hope to see you up here again soon.



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