Monday, February 19, 2018
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Members with State : IL

  • Reid Fillman

    Reid Fillman

    Ady, we don't know Clinton lake status yet. Will post as soon as we get word in the forum. I know the campground is still closed where it's ice free. The west wind of yesterday wouldn't of made that work. And west at the Marina launch wouldn't of been great either.
    78 Friends
  • Juan


    Hey is anybody going out tomorrow? Let me know...
    5 Friends
  • Michael Murphy

    Michael Murphy

    I had Wolf to myself for about 3 hours this evening, really fun session, perfectly powered on a 7.9 and 144L Starboard Futura ripping up the flat water. It was one of those sessions that made me think I am better than I am.
    7 Friends
  • Paul Betts

    Paul Betts

    Anyone playing hookey today? Looks like it's warm and windy at Clinton.
    3 Friends
  • Ken Moyer

    Ken Moyer

    3 Friends
  • John McKey

    John McKey

    Anyone sailing Clinton today ?
    3 Friends
  • Brian


    Waiting for warmth and wind... looking forward to try out my new Ezzy Tiger 5.0
    7 Friends
  • Dave Zager

    Dave Zager

    0 Friends
  • Chris


    Reid, any word on the water temp at Clinton, I'm thinking about going this afternoon.
    6 Friends
  • Mike Meister

    Mike Meister

    3 Friends
  • Bart Glowacki

    Bart Glowacki

    1 Friend
  • Richard


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  • Mike Trautman

    Mike Trautman

    Windsurfing Gear (mostly) For Free:
    Mike Trautman 217-840-8044,
    I'm moving my storage garage and don't want to move my windsurfing gear. I'll be giving most all of it away and will be glad to see it go to people who will use it instead of seeing it go to the landfill.

    Sorry for the short notice, but I'll be at the storage garage tomorrow (11/15/13) from 10am to noon giving away a bunch of sailing gear as well.

    Location is on North Mattis (north of Bloomington Rd). Turn
    0 Friends
  • Cody


    1 Friend
  • John


    1 Friend
  • benny


    Just Came From The Crazy Three Weeks Of Windsurfing Non Stop At Hilton Beach Tel Aviv Isreal. Hoping To Start Exploring Lake Michigan Soon As Possible.
    1 Friend
  • Brian Boonstra

    Brian Boonstra

    1 Friend
  • Dan Locks

    Dan Locks

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  • Andrew


    1 Friend
  • Brian Geen

    Brian Geen

    Anyone leave a Harness behind at Wolf , found one there Thursday ???
    6 Friends