Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Members with City / Town : Champaign

  • Reid Fillman Online

    Reid Fillman

    Ady, we don't know Clinton lake status yet. Will post as soon as we get word in the forum. I know the campground is still closed where it's ice free. The west wind of yesterday wouldn't of made that work. And west at the Marina launch wouldn't of been great either.
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  • Mike Trautman

    Mike Trautman

    Windsurfing Gear (mostly) For Free:
    Mike Trautman 217-840-8044,
    I'm moving my storage garage and don't want to move my windsurfing gear. I'll be giving most all of it away and will be glad to see it go to people who will use it instead of seeing it go to the landfill.

    Sorry for the short notice, but I'll be at the storage garage tomorrow (11/15/13) from 10am to noon giving away a bunch of sailing gear as well.

    Location is on North Mattis (north of Bloomington Rd). Turn
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