Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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  • wendell garvelink

    wendell garvelink

    anyone sailing huge sails out there? I don't know why it's taking me so long to think I may be missing out, I've only sailed sails in the 6 range. i shaped a paddleboard a while ago and put a mast track in it, but haven't sailed it. Anyone doing 9.0's or 10's on paddleboards and ripping? whats it like without footstraps?, or should i sink some inserts into my deck?
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  • Will


    I have 2 surfing boards and 4 sails for sale. The boards are longboards, which are good for beginner-intermediate in low-medium wind. The boards are HiFly Supernova and Mistral LCS-XR, respectively. The sails are: Gybe 5.0, Gybe 6.0, Rushwind, and O'Brien.

    Pick-up only I am located in Chicago.

    The specs of the sails are in the pictures. For more/better pictures, please see

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