Monday, February 19, 2018
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jim nagel

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jim nagel

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Saturday, 14 March 2015 15:42
Last online
7 months ago
  • thanks reid will be there Saturday&Sunday hopefully some wind thanks again
    7 months ago
  • Jim, I added Lake Macbride, IA to the Weather page. The point forecast also works for Coralville lake since it's right next to it. Let us know if you get a sesh.
    7 months ago
  • hello reid could I ask you to put yet another lake on the weather page its MacBride lake in Coralville Iowa also there is a Coralville lake next-door to it I will be visiting the area next week and in August had some family just move there, I contacted core of engineers and they said wind surfing is permitted there
    but watch out for boat traffic on weekends
    thanks Jim
    7 months ago
  • hello a while back I saw someone put a post on about windsurfing in Destin Florida, I was just in that area and was wondering where you launched at I did not sail but was at a spot called oskulsa park where some kiting action going on did not look user friendly to rig for windsurfers?. I was in tarpon springs Florida sailed at Fred Howard Park great place to sail if anyone ever in that area
    12 months ago
  • Thanks Chris
    1 year ago
  • Sorry for your loss, sounds like Dean had good friends and lived a full life. May he rest in peace!
    1 year ago
  • Hello all, I am sad to announce that this past week we lost a windsurfing Brother. Dean Quarnstrom of DeKalb Passed away this week while on his winter get away in Cocoa Beach Florida (Banana River resort) where we windsurf. Dean has been going there for years to sail and R/R Dean is a fellow windsurfer with me and Mike&Bob at Shabbana lake We have logged many sessions there in the past 10 years together and we will miss him Dearly. Rest in peace Dean. I hope there is a Lake in Heaven.
    1 year ago
  • Kool Thanks Ried I will be in that area tomorrow going to give a shot I think south wind will be good
    actually all directions maybe not west due to a high bluff on west bank
    1 year ago
  • jim nagel shared a photo in the jim nagel's Photos album
    Hello Ried, could you add this location to the weather page please, I ran across this area several weeks ago and looks like a great place to sail I contacted the Jackson county park district and they told me that windsurfing was permissible but knows no one who has Its called Driscolls Island an and is located in Sabula Iowa. Its just off the Mississippi river but their is no current. Could launch at the Island or the entire east shore has access
    1 year ago
    Reid Fillman Its NOAA Point Forecast is added to the Weather page. It looks like a great speed ditch/freestyle spot when the wind funnels up or down the river valley.
    1 year ago
  • Hello Ried, Could you Add Rock Cut State Park (Pierce Lake) to the Weather Page Please, Was there today did some Kayaking very nice Lake just past Rockford on Interstate 90 Definitely could sail there
    on most wind directions not sure about North or South will need to check out. East & West looks good kinda short tac but due ableI If north/South works would have nice long runs.

    2 years ago
  • jim nagel replied to the topic 'SW for Thu 08.13' in the forum.
    Hey Ady I was told once from Ralph at southport rigging to stay out of the water during the summer months at silver lake folks were...
    3 years ago
  • jim nagel commented on the photo IMG_7040
    I was bringing board down to water when a gust hit me, was struggling to catch my board good thing I caught it or Ady would have taken a header.
    3 years ago


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