Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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TOPIC: Tips for flying with gear?

Tips for flying with gear? 3 months 4 weeks ago #1

My lovely wife has booked us a January vacation on a tiny atoll/island off the coast of Belize. While it is truly "paradise on Earth", I would go crazy without being able to sail for the whole week while we're there. After spending hours researching windsurf/kiter reports and weather, I'm going to go conservative and take the floaty Carve board and 7m sail. I would rather ride the wave board and a smaller sail, but it's not an overly windy spot and I need to maximize my water time to justify the $400 airline charge!

My experience with flying with gear is limited to returning from Maui with a custom board almost 30 years ago, so I'm looking for any tips and/or web links that might save me headaches. My plan is to wrap the board in bubbles, with extra on the nose/tail, and then stuff it into a board bag along with the sail, mast and booms.
We have a layover, and I assume (hope!) the airline will put my gear on the correct connecting flight.

Any info is appreciated :-) Drew

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