Monday, January 22, 2018
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TOPIC: Carlyle Lake 10/15/17

Carlyle Lake 10/15/17 3 months 6 days ago #1

  • Hans
  • Hans's Avatar
  • Fresh Breeze
  • Posts: 3
Good session today launching from 'Spaceballs Beach'. Water was a warm 70F. Started 5.8, then 6.7, by the end of the day had the 8.2 going. Awesome quick video by Matt:

Carlyle Lake 10/15/17 3 months 5 days ago #2

  • Chris
  • Chris's Avatar
  • Hurricane Force
  • Posts: 350
Where is spaceballs beach! If it's a good place to launch you should let Reid know where it is and put it in the launches page.

Carlyle Lake 10/15/17 3 months 5 days ago #3

It's new. They found a really good replacement for Hickory(RIP) . It's 3 coves to the east of Hickory. Hans gave a link to a map in his post(under the vid, bottom link). This spot would work great on a W all the way NW. It looks like it has a good exit for the wind on a NW. The cove might be a great jibe-a-torium with in your face ramps on the way out on a west wind.

Awesome vid! Thanks for post, Hans. Keep them coming!
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