Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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TOPIC: Help rigging

Help rigging 1 year 2 months ago #1

  • Carlos
  • Carlos's Avatar
  • Fresh Breeze
  • Posts: 3
I am new to the sport
I bought a Nova 5.0 complete rig on amazon and was able to rig ok.
Then I bought a Nova 3.5 complete rig and rigged it the same way as the 5.0 but the sail is super loose.
Here is a video showing how loose it is: Video

I suspect I am doing something wrong (more likely than the rig being defective). Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

Omaha NE

Help rigging 1 year 2 months ago #2

  • Brian Geen
  • Brian Geen's Avatar
  • Fresh Breeze
  • Posts: 13
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Check you have the boom extension part which comes out of the main boom at the right distance and check you have the mast base extension correctly set . Then rig till its just starting to get loose in the top part of the mast and theres a curve in the main part of the sail so it almost touches the boom when rigged . !

Help rigging 1 year 2 months ago #3

Carlos- I saw your video, it is hard to determine the solution based on what I saw.

1. Is your boom length adjustable?
2 Is the mast base adjustable?
3. No instructions are included with kit? I looked at bic website, and there doesn't appear to be any user manuals for the nova sail
4. Are there any sail specs listed (boom and luff min and max dimensions), and if so what are they?
5. Do you know the length of the mast (cm), and if so what is it?

Help rigging 1 year 2 months ago #4

  • Ady
  • Ady's Avatar
  • Hurricane Force
  • Posts: 997
Quick research on the Bic Sport website produced the following:



The NOVA booms are fixed and you need the 160 boom for this 3.5 sail. From the specifications table above it looks like the 3.5 kit comes with a N Kid boom -some kind of a kids boom which I couldn't find an image of. So first check for any numbers on that boom and make sure that the tail doesn't extend in some way . If it is fixed then they probably shipped you a too small boom and you have to replace it by getting in touch with Bic Sport costumer service. The rest of the kit seems fine.
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