Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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TOPIC: Tuesday 8/22/17 Lake Michigan

Tuesday 8/22/17 Lake Michigan 5 months 9 hours ago #1

Hi guys,

The forecase today totally snuck-up on me, but it looks like it's going to be solid ~NW for most of the day. Are any of your sailing Lake Michigan today? If so, which launch. Looks like WNW from what I'm seeing so far...

Need to decide soon if I should make the 2-3 hour drive...

Tuesday 8/22/17 Lake Michigan 5 months 8 hours ago #2

jacob, yeah it did sneak up on us. its been good at MC ( michigan city) since mid morning, but you need to be there already, as wind will shift w/ nw, and it will get closed out. I am heading to montrose beach in chicago in about an hour, as NW should work there today (if it's WNW then it may not work). Montrose is not guaranteed today.

Miller beach/lake st indiana could be an option for you too; but i have never sailed there on a NW so can't offer advice, there will be strong current there

Tuesday 8/22/17 Lake Michigan 5 months 8 hours ago #3

Thank you, Alan.

Glad to here someone is out there enjoying this. I wasn't sure if St Joe's would be a candidate for later in the day. I guess I'll just keep my head down and get some work done...

Hope you're getting some nice wave rides!

Tuesday 8/22/17 Lake Michigan 5 months 8 hours ago #4

thanks jacob- I wish I made MC earlier today, but it snuck up on me too ;

BTW- st jo also gets closed out on a nw (even more so than MC)- it really is best SW to WSW at both launches

However, if you surf....... tomorrow will be very good in michigan city and most of the southend of the lake- I am heading there with a sup and a longboard
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