Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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TOPIC: New Member - Tom Arbanas

New Member - Tom Arbanas 5 months 1 week ago #1

Hey Tom :-)

I had been trying to find Tom for years and finally caught up with him on Facebook recently. I have him to thank for getting me started on my passion. I had seen pictures of Windsurfers in sailing magazines (I was a hardcore Sunfish racer at 14) and was desperate to find a dealer. While on vacation near Harbert Mi, I found his ad in the phone book and later that summer (Aug 27, 1977) my dad and I drove to his house in New Buffalo. I bought a used Windsurfer with a high wind sail (and wooden booms!), then we drove down to Pine Lake in LaPorte and I got my first and last Windsurfing lesson.

It was pretty breezy, and I never got very far, but Tom drilled the technique into my soaking head and when I got home that night I was out and sailing in the dying wind. So in about two weeks is my 40th anniversary. My only regret was never taking Tom up on the offer to try hang-gliding...

So thanks again Tom!
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