Saturday, February 24, 2018
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TOPIC: Sunday 6/18/17

Sunday 6/18/17 8 months 5 days ago #1

Clinton Lake forecast (Iwindsurf)





Rain should pass through early in the morning as the front goes through - then 6.9 sail wind WSW turning to WNW. Marina launch, work your way to the main pool.

Sunday 6/18/17 8 months 1 day ago #2

Nice day at the lake. Sailed the 6.9. Rich and I headed to the main pool from Marina Sail Park. I hit a bad shift and it headed back to the cove. I then used that wind to head me out into the lake so my next tack would head me straight to the main pool. I fell in at Narrows from the light wind with motorboat chop. Rich caught up to me. Once out in the main pool we could both get on plane. Rich sailed his 8.0. I couldn't keep up with him going up wind. At the end of the day all the wind died and I had one giant mile and half schlog back. Rick put on a show doing heli-tacks in the cove.




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Rick doing heli-tacks in the cove. Click the link for full sequence.

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