Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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TOPIC: Sunday 2/12/17

Sunday 2/12/17 11 months 1 week ago #1

Big day at the lake. The air temp hit 49. I don't have a hood and I hate wearing mittens so I took a lot of pictures. The water temp at The Road is 50 F. There was sustained 30+ mph at times and peak gusts over 40 mph.




17 of the day's 70 photos.

Link: See All Of The Day's Photos Here

You have to wait for a set to go through to make it past the shore-break.

Ady early on with 5.7 sail and 94 L

Ady (5.7 - 94L) Rippin'

Nice swell out there as Ady rigged down to a 4.6

Boom! Yep, it's a tri-fin. Ady(4.6 - 94 L)

Can you wave sail Clinton? Sure you can. Ady(4.6 - 94 L)

Mike ripping on his 4.7 with 120L.

Mike(4.7 - 120L) One of the fastest guys I've seen in a while. Knows how to drop the hammer.

Mike(4.7 - 120L) The 120 not with the program, doesn't want to do this anymore.

Mike switched down to his 90 L with 4.7

Mike(4.7 - 90 L)

Mike(4.7 - 90 L)

Chris (4.7 - 93L) He went out barehanded.

Chris (4.7 - 93L) Barehanded. That lasted for 2 reaches.

Chris (4.7 - 93L) Making it work with Ady's mittens.

Boom! Still killing it. Chris (4.7 - 93L)

2017 is on, bitchez! The multi-billion dollar hot tub got its contract renewed for 10 more years.

Link: See All Of The Day's Photos Here


Sunday 2/12/17 11 months 1 week ago #2

  • Chris
  • Chris's Avatar
  • Hurricane Force
  • Posts: 350
Nice pics Reid! Look mom no gloves! Didn't last for long, my fingers froze. Open palm mittens is the way to go, thanks again Ady! If the weather keeps this up the Clinton 2017 photo gallery is going to be huge. Keep warming that water power station! Keep serving up the beers and burgers Power House Pub!

Sunday 2/12/17 11 months 4 days ago #3

  • Ady
  • Ady's Avatar
  • Hurricane Force
  • Posts: 997
Lol, somehow I've missed to read the comments on those pictures. Very funny! You've got it!
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